405W 54/108Cell Half Cut Black Frame Black Backsheet 1.2 meter cable

405W 54/108Cell Half Cut Black Frame Black Backsheet 1.2 meter cable

-Suitable for distributed projects

-Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency

-Excellent outdoor power generation performance

-Aesthetic appearance with all black module design

Dimensions: 1722mm x 1134mm x 30mm (67.8″ x 44.65″ x 1.2″)

Weight: 21.5 kg

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The Longi 405W 54 CELL Solar Panel offers excellent performance with up to 20.7% efficiency. Ideal for residential applications, Longi solar panels also feature lower resistive loss with lower operating current, higher energy yields and lower operating temperature. Longi’s new optimized electrical design also reduces hot spot risk and allows for lower operating currents.

Longi 405W 54 CELL Solar Panels come with aesthetically pleasing black frames that offer UV protection and protection from the elements.

Another positive attribute of this type of solar panel is its efficient power production at lower tilt angles vs. standard panels. These panels are offer the superior performance of half-cell modules which maximize the amount of light PV cells capture, while also reducing the amount that is reflected. These also dissipate heat more efficiently, altogether boosting energy harvest.

Another great feature of the Longi 405W 54 CELL Solar Panel is its longevity. Longi guarantee these solar panels will continue to perform at over 84% of their original capacity after 25 years!

Longi solar panel performance characteristics over 25 years.

Longi 405W 54 CELL Solar Panel Features & Benefits

  • 12 year warranty for materials and processing
  • 25 year warranty for Extra Linear Power Output
  • 405 Watts
  • High output half-cell modules
  • Improved energy yield under low irradiance conditions
  • High size to power output ratio
  • Positive power tolerance (0~ 3%)
  • Module efficiency up to 20.7%
  • Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology:
    • first year <2%
    • years 2-25, 0.55% per year
  • Solid PID resistance ensured by solar cell process optimization and careful module BOM selection
  • Number of cells: 108 (54) | Cell Type: Monofacial
  • Backsheet Color: Black | Frame Color: Black
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000V DC (IEC/UL)
  • Max. Series Fuse Rating: 25 Amp
  • Fire Rating: UL type 1 or 2
  • Operating Temperature: -40C ~+85C

Longi 405W 54 CELL Solar Panel Electrical Characteristics

Standard Conditions (STC) Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)
Maximum Power (Pmax/W) 405 302.7
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) 37.15 34.93
Short Circuit Current (lsc/A) 13.78 11.14
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V) 31.18 28.96
Current at Maximum Power
12.99 10.45
Module Efficiency (%) 20.7 20.7


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