15 Amp DC Din Rail Mnt Breaker

15 Amp DC Din Rail Mnt Breaker

MidNite Solar MNEPV Circuit Breakers 150VDC 1-Pole

MidNite;s breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, with NO DAMAGE. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting. All MidNite circuit breakers can be used at 100% rated current when mounted in a MidNite enclosure.

MNEPV breakers are the same as CBI QY breakers except the standard used is inadequate for the solar industry. MidNite breakers have been evaluated by ETL to 150VDC and are listed for US and Canada. All of the NRTL listings still apply. Breakers ordered under the CBI part numbering system will not be listed for 150VDC and in many cases are not suitable for the solar industry.

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Midnite Solar 150 volts, 15 amps DC circuit breakers for array combiners or any other DC applications. These are most commonly used in array combiners, but are suitable for any DC circuit up to 150 volts, such as DC distribution and small inverters. These mount on any standard 35mm DIN rail.

13mm [.5″] wide, not UL listed for AC. These breakers will accept wire from #14 AWG to #6 AWG stranded copper.

For E-Panels, MNDC, Combiners and Baby Box enclosures. These are standard DIN rail mount, and fit nearly all array combiners, including Outback Power, Midnite Solar, and ReadyWatt.

Midnite Solar breakers and the Outback Power PV array breakers are identical and may be used interchangeably.


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